Got Cutting Edge on June 7th. Aiming for Hall of Fame in Shadowlands.

That's Slightly Reunited on Ravencrest-EU (A)
Read about our vision for Slightly Reunited

We are currently not recruiting. Exceptional recruits can always apply and will be considered for Shadowlands.



  • Talk to your hearts content during reclears
  • Active Discord with tons of memes, jokes, vids and music
  • Monkeys who get shit done and allow you to improve
  • Raid on Sunday & Monday from 20:00 till 23:00 server time

Easy links to check stuff out

´╗┐Warcraft Logs
The armory

Current monkeys

We have 4 Swedes, 6 Danes, two Brits, some Bulgarians, a Dutchman.
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